This is Us....

"Comfortable, Safe, Relaxing and Inspirational..." is what we hear most from guests who stay with us! We hope you come visit and enjoy a feeling of comfort on your journey away from home.

Concierge Services: LAX Pick ups & Drop offs

4.2 Miles to LAX

Close to 3 highways!

Play Ball on street court

Work In or Out in Front or Back Patios

Inspiration Room to Breathe

Rent a bike & Ride along ocean

Shopping & Eateries walking distance

Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner provided

Engaging Helpful Staff/Family

Hi....we are your hosts....

Traveling can be lonely and scary. NOT at our house! Be confident we will take care of you! Laurie, Brad and everyone in the home are all top notch hospitality experts! See you soon!


Sales Executive

Brad is the guy who will offer you a cocktail, talk with you about your career and make sure you know how he feels about Penn State University.


Therapist & Influencer

Sneezy is the cat who thinks she is a dog. By trait she is an outside cat by day, therapist by night. She loves to be held and will bother you till you worship her, but don't pick her up because she's a cat, she doesn't like it and well...she's weird.


Welcoming Committee

Bella is the dog that greets you at the door, whines if you ignore her and licks you when you are still. Bella is not allowed upstairs or eat your scraps as much as she begs, you must resist.


Wife Coach & Podcast Host

Laurie is the girl you will see smiling somewhere in the kitchen. She will get you whatever you need and may even bake cookies or muffins



Kitty is the newest member of the family. Born April 2019, she is a snuggle monster. She will not leave you alone until she's gotten all your love and even then it's not enough!



Ty is the guy you may not see. If not working or off at PSU, he is available to help you with whatever you need and loves to answer any questions you may have.

Mr Turtle #2


Mr Turtle #2 is turtle you may see walking across the kitchen floor. He is normally in a pen in the garage, but we put him outside with his sister to get sun. But he doesn't like it. He likes it IN the house. So no matter where he is, he will find his way back inside where he's most happiest.