The Strand – Best Bike Ride / Walk In Los Angeles


The Strand – Best Bike Ride / Walk In Los Angeles!

Hands down!  Best ever!

Manhattan Beach strandFirst you have to rent a bike. I’d let you use one of ours but they cause body damage and you’d be mad at me forever so – better to rent one!

Then either bike down or walk the bike down to the water and there right before you see the water is a HUGE bike path-sidewalk.

There are two actually. One along the homes is the walking path.  The one closer to the water/ocean is the bike path.

This was at one point a train track. It’s long gone now and in it’s place is this big huge fun bikeway!!  So enjoy.

The bike path goes all the way up past Venice and through Santa Monica and all the way down past Redondo Beach to Torrance.  It’ll take you several hours to do the whole thing there an back. Specially if you stop for lunch. or a cocktail! Which I would highly recommend on that long of a bike ride!!

Be sure to bring the backpack as you may want to buy something and if you don’t want to buy anything, keep the backpack home as insurance to NOT buy anything cause you won’t be able to carry it!

Manhattan Beach strand



So whatever you happen to do during your time with us, make sure you don’t miss, walking or riding a bike on the Strand!



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